Roommate A

This was a little thing I wrote for a playwriting class. The formatting has been lost so please excuse any inconsistencies in that regard.


A very modern apartment living room. There are four doors, labeled A through D behind them. JILLIAN and EMMA are sitting on the couch, when LARA bursts through the front door.

LARA: Is she here yet?

JILLIAN: Yeah, she’s here.

EMMA: She’s in her room.

LARA: Well what’s she like? I’m so stoked to meet her.

Lara sits down on the couch as Emma and Jillian exchange nervous looks. 

EMMA: Well, she’s definitely an interesting-

JILLIAN: She’s a serial killer. 

Lara gives Jillian a confused look and Emma looks annoyed. Jillian looks panicked as the door to room A swings open, and CARLY enters, carrying a trashbag full of… human hair?

CARLY: (to Lara) Oh hi. I’m Carly. I guess I’m roommate A!

LARA: Oh hey, roommate A. I’m Lara…. (nervously) Hey, what’s in the bag?

Carly moves to hide the bag from Lara. But Lara has seen. She collapses on the couch next to Jillian.

LARA: (under her breath so only Jillian can hear) Oh my god.

CARLY: It’s just… trash.

She exits and the three girls jump up and begin talking at once.

LARA: Did you see that? Did you SEE THAT?

EMMA: It’s probably going to be fine!

JILLIAN: Wow, Emma, that’s comforting because you know who else probably said that exact same thing?

EMMA: Who?

JILLIAN: People who were murdered by serial killers!

LARA: (distressed) That was hair. Human hair.

JILLIAN: This is bad. This is really bad.

EMMA: The trash chute is just down the hall. Where do you think she is?

JILLIAN: Probably returning some video tapes!

There is the sound of a key in the lock on the front door. The girls fall silent as Carly enters, this time with a suitcase.

LARA: Whatcha got there, Carly?

CARLY: You know, clothes and stuff. Still moving in.

LARA: Uh, and stuff?

CARLY: Just some knives. For a special project.

Carly exits through door A, leaving the girls horrified in her wake.

EMMA: (to Jillian) You know, it’s possible that you might be right.

LARA: What do we do?

JILLIAN: I have a plan. 

The girls huddle together on the couch around Jillian. Fade to black.



Same apartment, but it’s now night. No one’s on stage, until Jillian enters through Door C, clad dramatically in all black. She tiptoes over to Door B, and knocks. Lara opens, dressed in a similar fashion.

JILLIAN: Are you ready?

LARA: Ready. Where’s Emma?

JILLIAN: We’ll get her now-

Jillian is interrupted by Door A opening. She and Lara jump into Room B. Carly wanders into the living room with a large knife in hand. She makes her way over to room D, and Jillian and Lara open door B to watch her.

CARLY: (knocking on door) Hey, Emma? I need your help with something. Emma?

JILLIAN: Oh my god, Emma’s next.

Carly turns to see where the noise has come from. Lara slams the door shut.

JILLIAN: Oh my god, we’re next.

CARLY: Guys?

LARA: Help!

Emma bursts out of Room D, also dressed in all black and flips clumsily over the couch. Carly turns around as Emma runs into Room A. There is silence and then Emma screams. She staggers out into the living room and collapses on the couch and Lara and Jillian run out of their door past Carly, who is looking very confused.

CARLY: Guys! What’s going on?

JILLIAN: We know! Okay, Carly? We know! (to Emma) Emma, what did you see?

EMMA: It was a head. It was a human head.

CARLY: It’s… not that serious. Why are you guys freaking out?

LARA: Because it seems pretty serious to me!

JILLIAN: Why don’t you put the knife down?

Carly doesn’t. Instead she takes a step towards the trio.

JILLIAN: Put the knife down!

CARLY: Guys… it’s not… it’s not a real human head!

JILLIAN: Well then what is it?

EMMA: I know what I saw!

CARLY: Do you guys think that I keep human heads in my room?

JILLIAN: We don’t think, we know!

CARLY: Guys!

Carly exits through Door A and comes back a few moments later with what looks very much like a human head. She is holding it by the hair. Jillian, Emma and Lara all scream.

CARLY: It’s wax! It’s a wax sculpture of a head! It’s for my sculpture class!

There is a very awkward silence.

EMMA: Well. Now you know it’s pretty life like!

JILLIAN: Yeah, you really pranked us.

LARA: Yeah, we should start calling you Ashton.

EMMA: Totally.

Carly rolls her eyes and exits through Door A. Lara, Jillian and Emma all look at each other.

EMMA: Well at least now we know.

JILLIAN: Yeah, that our roommate isn’t Jeffrey Dahmer.

LARA: What a good start to the year.

The trio have reverted to a lighthearted attitude. But Carly quietly enters. They don’t notice. She raises a large knife and we cut to black.

Sangeeta Ranade