Nicole + Brizee Body Butter Review

This was a busy weekend for me. 

I had so many commitments and people to meet that I barely had a moment to myself. So when I got home and noticed a package from Nicole + Brizee, I was excited to relax and pamper myself a little bit. 


This is definitely my favorite product from N+B so far. It’s advertised as smelling a lot like Empower, which smells like Chanel No 5. I agree that the scents are similar, but they are definitely not an exact match. I find the body butter to be a lot more subtle, with the Amalfi lemon notes coming out a lot stronger. I also think it has more of a subtle earthy quality, which I can’t quite place, but it makes this scent ideal for me.

As for the butter itself, I really like it. It’s so smooth and rich. You can definitely feel how moisturizing it is, but as with Empower and Fearless, there’s no greasy residue. 

I can’t wait to see what we’re getting next from N+B! I’m definitely excited for makeup because I want to film a Get Ready With Me or a tutorial using only thier products.  

You can buy your own 5oz N+B Body Butter for 16.99 at!