Nicole + Brizee Empower Body Lotion - First Impressions

If there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that I will try every product Nikki and Brie Bella release. I’ve tried every single wine release and I’m currently wearing some of thier Birdiebee clothes.  I personally really admire thier entrepreneurial spirit and look up to them as businesswomen. 

Last month they announced the launch of thier brand new beauty brand, Nicole + Brizee, or N+B for short. They kicked things off with two body lotions and have teased lip kits, brow kits and more. Of course I’ll be trying them all so stay tuned for that!


Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on thier Empower Body lotion. They also released Fearless, a shimmer lotion, but I chose Empower because I knew I’d wear it more often. 

I have only used it a few times so far but my first thought is that the formula is great. It feels moisturizing but it doesn’t linger on the skin in any way. There’s no greasy feeling after, which is a big plus from me.  

Now the scent. It’s not my typical scent, but it’s nice. My daily wear scent is Gucci Bloom Eau du Toilette which is pretty light and floral, or Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue which is very citrusy. As advertised, Empower smells similar to Chanel No 5. It’s a very classic and glamorous type of scent. The scent is very strong compared to most lotions I have, which I don’t mind. I would definitely consider this a perfume/lotion hybrid in terms of how much the scent lingers. 

Overall, I’m a fan. I also adore the art on the bottle! They always have such amazing packaging! I might even try the shimmer lotion for fun and I will definitely try anything else they release!

This lotion comes in an 8oz pump bottle and costs $14.99. You can buy your own at!



Note: I’m not on Nikki and Brie’s PR list (can you imagine how amazing that would be?). I bought this myself and even if I hadn’t, these would still all be my honest opinions!