My New Tattoo

When I was visiting Portland, my friend Taya and I decided to get tattoos together to symbolize our friendship. 

She and I met during a Pop Culture course in college, went to the Doctor Who themed diner together, and have been friends ever since. I moved to DC just under four years ago so we don't get to see each other as much anymore. I love traveling so I make every excuse to visit her that I can, which ends up being about once a year. 

This time we decided to do something special to commemorate our friendship. We went to Hopeless Tattoo and Piercing in Vancouver, Washington. Zak was the artist we worked with as he had tattooed Taya previously and we both liked the work he did. He came up with a really cool design of a lion with a rose in its mouth, inspired by a Tarot card that Taya owns. 

I watched Taya get this tattoo and its beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it just didn't feel like me. It felt so strong and adamant, which suits Taya beautifully. It just didn't feel right so I panicked. Zak was great and came up with a new design that matched the rose within Taya's tattoo and he was able to execute it perfectly in a way that not only looked good, but was so true to myself.

I'm in love with this tattoo and I'm still so excited! It's my fourth one so far and I definitely have a few more planned.

Thanks for reading!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This photo was taken right when I got the tattoo, so it was still healing. That's why it might look a bit splotchy. It's very smooth now, and it looks even better now than it did at the beginning!

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