What I Wore to Brunch

So I take risks. In all aspects of my life, but definitely in fashion.

I always have, always will. I've never been someone to exclusively wear standard things. There's nothing wrong with standard things, of course, it's just that I personally have a bit more fun in a faux fur pink coat or whatever it is. The point is I like to have fun.

This probably comes from the fact that I grew up with no fashion sense whatsoever. I didn't even care about what I wore until I was well into high school. And by that point, I was a cataclysmic mess of teenage angst fueled by angry girl music so a) I pretended not to care what anyone thought about me and b) I had a set of fashion icons who didn't really overlap.

Fast forward 10 years.

I live in Washington DC now, and it's (obviously) not the Pacific Northwest. People here have a different aesthetic on average. This doesn't apply to everyone, of course, but loads of people dress professionally on a regular basis which isn't something I'm used to. I'm always dressing appropriately for work or professional events, but in my personal life, I'm still taking risks. 

My friend Haley and I went to Brunch lately, and I wore the above outfit. As we were walking to the restaurant, some girls saw my outfit, snickered to each other and audibly said "Wow." which felt great to hear, obviously.

First off, are we in high school? Second of all, why does it matter to them how I'm dressed? It's never occurred to me to be so judgmental about how someone else chooses to be. 

Anyways, I really did like this outfit. The shoes are sock boots from Steve Madden that the guy at Nordstrom convinced me to buy during the Anniversary Sale. I thought they'd be cute for the fall. 

The shorts are just some cheap ones from Nordstroms and my top is from Forever 21. The bag is a Ted Baker bag and I adore it. Also from Nordstrom but of course Ted Baker is it's own store as well. 

Thanks for reading, 


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