My New Urban Outfitters Dresser

Okay, so I’ve been eyeing these drawers for literally years. I think they’re so cute and I just love the industrial vibe. So last month I finally had saved up enough money to buy it and I’m so excited that it’s here and I’ve lived with it for a bit.  


Here are some pictures from my Instagram story showing you how I organized them!

Now as much as I love them, I have to point out one negative: the shipping process. The drawers got pretty banged up in transit and although I don’t mind because it blends with the look, it’s a bit irritating to spend $350+  on a piece of furniture and have it get damaged on its way to me. Some of the drawers are chipped and one of the back legs is bent but these are all relatively fixable and hard to notice unless you look closely. 


That said, I do love them. They’re cute and a really unique piece of furniture.  Most of my stuff is from Ikea and although I love Ikea, it’s nice to have something that mixes it up once in a while. 


Thanks for reading! 


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